Note that in Portugal, if you order «um café», you get a medium sized espresso, which typically costs between 50¢ to 70¢. If you want a larger coffee, ask for a «café abatanado».

It is a custom to have coffee after dinner, if you don't want to stay up late you can ask for a «café descafeinado.»


We can recommend the following options from personal experience:

  • Refeitório dos Funcionários

    Staff canteen on level 0 of the math building; cheap, fast and basic; less than 5€ for the complete meal (soup, main, salad, dessert and coffee);
  • Santorini Café

    Greek food; charming and simple;
  • Vitaminas & Sabores

    Large, diverse self-service restaurant;
  • Kokoro Ramen Bar

    The Japanese noodle soup;

recommended lunch options


We can recommend the following options from personal experience:

(Roughly ordered by price, from around 10€ to around 30€ per person.)

  • A Tasca Ideal

    Traditional Portuguese neighbourhood restaurant; [Zomanto]
  • A Balança

    Traditional Portuguese; [Zomanto]
  • Restaurante Annapurna

    Nepalese; [Zomato]
  • Pastelaria Mexicana

    Iconic pastry shop; serves dinner all the same; [Zomato]
  • Café Império

    Well known landmark; upstairs used to be a famous cinema, now is a pentecostal church; [Zomato]
  • Ramiro

    Traditional Portuguese sea food; a Lisbon institution; expect a queue; [Zomato]
  • Rabo d'Pêxe

    Açorean inspired fusion; [Zomato]
  • Nómada

    Sushi [Zomato]

recommended dinner options